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Financial Service Provider License in New Zealand

Financial Service Provider License in New Zealand

A license is required in New Zealand in order to provide certain financial services. The financial service provider (referred to as an FSP in NZ) applies for a license under the Financial Service Providers Act 2008.

Our team assists applicants who wish to obtain a license as a New Zealand FSP and can offer complete guidance throughout the process. In addition to the licensing assistance, we can also offer specific services for company formation in New Zealand.

Read below to learn more about FSP registration in NZ and the main steps you will need to follow to apply for this particular license.

Services offered by a FSP in NZ

A financial service provider in New Zealand is an individual or a legal entity that will be offering certain types of services. Examples of financial services for which a license is required include the following:

  • banking services;
  • insurance services;
  • financial advice services;
  • operating a financial product market, offering prescribed intermediary services, etc.

A New Zealand FSP can be licensed by the Financial Markets Authority, or by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Moreover, some types of financial services can be offered when the provider is certified by the Commerce Commission.

In addition to proper licensing, registering on the Financial Services Provider Register is required when:

  • The financial services will be offered to individuals in New Zealand above a minimum threshold;
  • The provider is required to report its financial services under the AML/CFT Act;
  • The provider has the proper licenses to offer the said financial services.

Offering financial services in NZ without complying with the registration requirements results in fines or imprisonment.

Investors who wish to set up a company in New Zealand that will be engaged in these types of activities can discuss the main company formation registration requirements with our local agents.

Registration requirements

The process for FSP registration in NZ depends on whether the submission is made as an individual or as a business. Registration from overseas is also possible, subject to conditions.

Before starting the steps for registration as a financial service provider with the authorities, the business founders need to complete the steps required to open a business in New Zealand. Moreover, they also need to decide what financial services the company will be offering.

Our team specializing in company registration in New Zealand lists the main issues to take into account when preparing to register as an entity that will be providing financial services in NZ:

  • The company will need to provide all its relevant registration information, such as the New Zealand Business Number, and other details;
  • The company directors and other staff will need to provide certain key information; A criminal history verification may be required, however, certain information will remain confidential;
  • The business will need to offer information about the types of financial services it will be providing and whether these services will be offered to retail and/or wholesale clients;
  • The company will also need to submit a declaration that it meets the threshold to act as a FSP in NZ (you can read more about this below), and information about its annual filing obligations.

If the business satisfies all the conditions, the application process can be commenced once all the documents have been gathered.

Threshold for registration as a New Zealand FSP

The following minimum annual business threshold applies for registration as a New Zealand FSP:

  • Have 10 NZ resident financial services clients;
  • Have $10,000 of total financial services transactions with the NZ resident clients;
  • Achieve half of the aforementioned threshold within 6 months of registration.

Contact us if you are interested in FSP registration in NZ and if you require assistance throughout all the company formation stages.