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Bookkeeping in New Zealand

Bookkeeping in New Zealand

Many companies choose to outsource bookkeeping in NZ to a certified bookkeeper in order to make sure that they comply with the timely submissions and the proper management and storage of their financial documents.

Our team offers services that include bookkeeping in Auckland and in other main cities throughout NZ. We assist investors with services that are tailored to their needs according to the size of their company and the industry in which they activate.

Bookkeeping is an important step for all those who open a company in New Zealand. Entrepreneurs who have more questions about this topic, as well as any other issues concerning the registration of the business, its taxation and compliance, can reach out to our team. We provide personalized solutions for those set up companies in Auckland or in other cities.

If you are interested in New Zealand company formation, you may also wish to know more about the main accounting and bookkeeping requirements.

Financial reporting compliance is mandatory for all NZ registered businesses and an early adoption of good bookkeeping practices can prove to be very useful for companies.

These types of services are also offered to branches in New Zealand.

Bookkeeping services in Auckland and the rest of NZ

Bookkeepers in New Zealand primarily provide bookkeeping services which are in line with the ongoing requirements set forth in the country.

The main activities performed by a professional offering bookkeeping in Auckland services include the following:

  • Analyzing the financial transactions according to their accounts;
  • Account credit and debit entries;
  • Ledger account entries;
  • Entries adjustments at the end of each accounting period.

A company in New Zealand is required to keep the following record books:

  • Wage books;
  • Deposit books;
  • Cashbooks;
  • Petty cash books.

Companies also keep the records of income and expenses and bank records.

Bookkeeping services in Auckland typically include the following:

  1. Offsite bookkeeping: using virtual platforms, the service provider handles the bookkeeping in NZ once the client forwards the relevant documents such as invoices;
  2. Payroll: managing both the payment of salaries and the submissions and taxes that are due in relation to the company’s employees;
  3. End of year document preparation: gathering outstanding invoices, accounts review and closing,  preparing the for the end of year submissions;
  4. Support: ongoing support for needed adjustments, advisory and counsel for compliance matters.

If you wish to know more about the main accounting services that also include bookkeeping in NZ, you can reach out to our team.

We inform our clients of the main requirements as soon as they decide to open a company with the help of our team.

Our team will provide complete assistance to those who wish to open a business in New Zealand, and we will guide investors who need to make important decisions, such as choosing the type of legal entity they will be incorporating. We can help prepare the documents needed for the mandatory registration and we also answer questions about employment or signing contracts.

Bookkeepers in New Zealand

When looking for a bookkeeper in New Zealand, you can choose a member of the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers.

The Institute’s focus report for the bookkeeping industry in 2021 highlights the following:

  • 90 respondents were surveyed for the study;
  • most of them were offering bookkeeping in Auckland and were based here, followed by Canterbury;
  • 93% of the respondents were female and 7% male;
  • the most common age group was 41-50 years of age;
  • the top area of service offered in 2021 by the respondents was client bookkeeping, followed by payroll;
  • most of the persons surveyed were offering services for bookkeeping in NZ through a sole trader;
  • 35.94% of the businesses were 4 to 7 years old;
  • the survey also found that there was a 10% increase on bookkeeping employees in 2021 compared to 2020.

Our team works only with accredited and experienced professionals who offer bookkeeping services in Auckland. If you wish to find a bookkeeper, you can contact us.

We assist investors in New Zealand from the earliest stages of company creation, from choosing the business form and registering the business name to applying for the needed permits for functioning.

You can reach out to us before or after the incorporation phase if you wish to know more about accounting and bookkeeping.