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Asset Management in New Zealand

Asset Management in New Zealand

We are a team of business and corporate experts in New Zealand assisting investors and entrepreneurs in a wide range of fields. The goal of the asset management in NZ services, such as those offered by our team, is to increase the value of the investor’s portfolio, and at the same time to maintain a low, or acceptable investment risk level.

Our New Zealand company formation experts are here to answer any questions you have not only about asset management but also about company incorporation and business management. If you need more information than what is presented in this article, please reach out to us.

We also assist entrepreneurs with other matters, such as those related to the set up of a company in New Zealand. Before you start a company, you can discuss any questions with our team and you can also receive personalized assistance for drawing up the new company’s Articles of Association. Moreover, we also assist with the submission to the NZ Companies Register.

What are the types of asset management in NZ?

Asset management is a complex and diverse field, however, in practice, it can refer to the following:

  • Financial asset management: this is the type of management individuals usually refer to when discussing asset management; it refers to the practice of managing the client’s investment portfolio and investment accounts.
  • Fixed asset management: can refer to the practice of managing the company’s fixed asses and it will often overlap with financial accounting;
  • IT and asset management: managing the IT hardware and software of the company; maintaining the accounting for the IT assets.
  • Digital asset management: the practice of managing the businesses’ digital assets, how information is owned, can be used and how it is stored.

Please keep in mind that the definitions above are limited. A company in New Zealand will have more than one type of assets and, together, their management should ensure the financial health of the said legal entity.

If you wish to know more about asset management services, please reach out to our team of New Zealand company formation experts.

When should I seek assistance for asset management purposes?

If you are ready to start a business, or already have a company, seeking proper assistance for asset management in NZ is a simple and, in most cases, needed step. We help businesses that have just started to grow, as well as those that have been on the market for quite some time.

How can your team help me?

Our corporate services include solutions for businesses that are interested in setting and reaching long-term financial objectives.

For private investors, a dedicated division of our team specializing in asset management in NZ is ready to evaluate and determine a suitable strategy for a portfolio suited to our high-net-worth individual’s goals.

Both for high-net-worth individuals and corporations, our team oversees the portfolio, proposes changes and communicates regularly with the client.

In terms of financial health matters for your business, we will also look at funding, and different opportunities for meeting the indicated growth targets. The success of the financial planning strategies we propose will depend on accurate asset valuations, and implementing practices that will allow for an easy inspection and upkeep of the data on the available assets.

Our company formation experts in NZ work together with accountants and auditors, who have relevant experience in the field of asset management for private entities. Our services are strategic and personalized and, when working with us, our clients benefit from financial planning that allows them to support their work and grow their business.

Investment funds and asset management

Asset management services are closely linked to funs structuring. For this purpose, asset managers can also be those who manage pooled assets from clients, and then using them in different pooled structures such as mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Part of our team specializing in asset management in NZ specializes in investment funds.

According to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the total value of managed funds increased in the third quarter of 2021. The data shows the following:

  • a 8.4% in cash management trusts and a 5.6% increase in retail unit trusts was observed in the third quarter of 2021; the private wealth sector increased by 3.7%, reaching a value of $39.8 billion;
  • the total value of funds under management reached $257 billion in the third quarter of the year, an increase of 3.5% compared to the previous quarter;
  • the year-on-year increase (2020-2021) was of 18.5%.

In addition to asset-related services, our team offers complete solutions for local and foreign investors who wish to start a business in New Zealand. Choosing the business structure, as well as preparing the documents for registration with the Companies Office can be assisted by our team. We also answer questions concerning the employment of staff and other issues.

Contact us for more details about asset management in NZ as well as how to open a company in New Zealand. We help local and foreign investors open their business, secure and manage their assets. Reach out today to find out how we can help.